Owe More Than Your Home is Worth? Need/Want to Sell?

Your Not Alone!  2010 has already been dubbed by banks as the ‘YEAR OF THE SHORT SALE’

See, banks are trying to go this route more and more than doing a costly foreclosure.  They’re of dealing with so many foreclosure losses.  Most all banks have already ramped up their short sale division to take on the volume of what they are expecting this year.  Hence why I recently went after the National Association of Realtors SHORT SALE FORECLOSURE RESOURCE designation.

If your feeling the financial pressure and are looking to unload your expensive asset, try doing a short sale.  I’ll help you to get your lender to forgive your debt owned and save your credit.   I’ve done it many times before and have a 100% success rate.


I now have a buyer who purchases short sales for cash and the bank approves them in days/weeks, not months.   He is only interested in homes I list over $580,000 and they must be in great condition.   He does no make offers on fixer-uppers.   The more luxury and higher price tag, the better for him.

If you, like many others, are feeling the financial crunch and hoping to sell you home but owe more than it’s worth, I’m confident I can help.  Please contact me via phone or email for more information.  Go to

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