TARP Repayments Reach $181 Billion – DSNews.com

The Treasury Department announced Friday that it has received a total of $181 billion from companies to repay their government bailouts.  Automaker General Motors also repaid $1 billion of the $6.7 billion in loans it received as part of a $50 billion rescue package. Treasury officials say the amount of TARP investments settled by bailed-out firms so far is “well ahead of last fall’s repayment projections for 2010.” Total bank investments of $245 billion in fiscal year 2009 that were initially projected to cost $76 billion are now expected to bring a profit. Taxpayers have already received $14 billion through just interest and dividends and that number could be considerably higher by the end of this year, Treasury officials said.

A large share of the losses expected on TARP funding will be from the auto industry.

-Exerpt from http://www.dsnews.com/articles/tarp-repayments-reach-181-billion-2010-04-05

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