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Huntington Beach Market Report- January

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Hello Blogging World!

I have over the last few years as a Realtor tried blogging on several different occasions.  I am an avid Facebook user and have recently realized not everything I want to say and comment on could or should be on there.  And Twitter- well forget it.  I have an account but again, I have more to share than just 40 characters or whatever they allow.  Anyways, I love real estate and have learned a lot regarding it and also have some things to say about what I’ve learned.

So today I’m writing in the cozy indoor comfort of my home while the wind and rain is going nuts outside.  Super unusual for Huntington Beach to see this tornado like weather.  It’s been great but then again I didn’t have my car flooded out like many.  I was up at 6:30am to try and catch myself a Broker Price Opinion online with the rest of the 200+ Realtors in the area all vying for 1 order and hitting the refresh button every minute.  Still missed it.  Maybe tomorrow.  I see the ease for asset companies to set up thier BPO sites like this- first come first serve- but you could be online all day paying attention to those sites and still not have a chance.  And what about us busy agents who aren’t tied to our laptop but out in the field on appointments?  Oh well.   I’m not ready to give up just yet but we’ll see.

I then attended a free one hour webinar on how to sell homes within weeks, not months.  It was very informative but the system itself requires different legalese then that which is on our standard contracts.  You only got it if you paid $197 for the detailed system after the webinar was over.   Besides all that it’s been a busy day online for me and I’m out.

Thanks for reading!